I'm a survivor. This is my journey.

Growing up I always imagined ghosts, angels and nature spirits all around us. In my mind, I could not imagine them as not being real, I was always fascinated by stories of ghost and UFO's

I was always fascinated by stories of ghosts and UFO’s. At the age of nineteen, just after high school, I became very ill with what doctors called “a mystery virus”. After a month of fighting this worsening virus, I came to my own conclusion that it had to be something else. On seeking a second opinion from a family doctor that I hadn’t seen in many years. I was finally diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. After an unsuccessful operation to remove it, I was given six months to live. Believing there was no way I was going to die, I went on a crusade to find the answer to this problem.

I tried almost every alternative medicine known to man. Finally, I found the answer in a course of meditation and self seeking. Combining with this with a near –death-experience. I found the answers to the true meaning of life.

My cancer is now long gone. I hope to help other with life=threatening illnesses, as well as healthy people, to understand what I have come to understand. There is indeed a meaning to life and that is, you only need to understand your highest truth.

Let me help you unlock those secrets for yourself.

Christo Dehn